It possesses intensive regenerating, nourishing and hydrating effect. The product formula contains complex of vitamins, oils, and anti-oxidizing agents which ensure rapid cell regeneration. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing effect. It builds tissue immunity.

It is recommended for blemished skin. It is applied at treatment of skin diseases and for restoration after laser treatment. Apply to the cleansed skin with light massaging motions until it is fully absorbed.


The skin lipid layer is restored. The skin becomes firm and elastic. Redness is reduced and the skin complexion and structure are even.

Active ingredients

The cream contains variety of vitamins, extracts and healing essential oils. V.I.F. Compound serves as the basis of the cream; this component accelerates metabolism in skin cells, fills with energy and prevents glycation of collagen and elastin. Allantoin mitigates and protects against irritations, ensures cellular growth, and possesses healing effect. Sweet almond oil efficiently hydrates and prevents dryness and peeling of the skin. Shea butter tree oil ensures reliable protection and possesses soothing effect. Coconut oil possesses healing and nourishing effect and it efficiently softens the skin. Vitamin A accelerates healing processes, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves quality of newly generated skin. Vitamin E participates in generation of collagen and elastic fiber of intercellular substance. The cream contains significant amount of hyaluronic acid – natural substance generated in connective tissue. It possesses unique effect to retain water molecules. Due to mimosa extract the skin becomes smooth and radiant, redness and peeling are eliminated. Mimosa possesses anti-inflammatory,  antiseptic and stimulating effect.

Sofia Petrichenko
14.06.2018 17:17
Делала очередной пилинг, и тут для восстановления мне порекомендовали новый крем Редженерейтинг крем Виф. Эффект мне понравился! Уже на след день спала краснота, а до этого Бепантеном мазала, дольше заживало. А тут уже на 3й день пошла в кино. Оч классно! Всем рекомендую!!!
Мария К.
15.05.2018 22:04
Использую крем как скорую помощь при появлении высыпаний перед менструацией. С ним ранки быстро заживают и дополнительное Он помогает быстро заживлять ранки и дополнительное увлажнение не требуется Использовала крем в рамках курса лазерного лечения угревой болезни. Правильный уход + правильное лечение и моя проблема, с которой я боролась годами, разрешилась!
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