Delicate texture of milk gently cleanses the skin removing make-up, impurities and dead cells. It provides the skin with sensation of freshness, smoothness and softness. It maintains and protects the lipid layer against external damage. It renders anti-bacterial effect, eliminates signs of allergic reaction. Natural components in its formula prevent pre-term aging.

It is used as daily care product. Apply with massaging motions to the skin in the morning and evening. Wash off the remains of the product with warm water. It is suitable for sensitive skin of face, neck and neckline.


Pure, radiant and smooth skin. Face complexion is even, redness is visibly reduced.

Active ingredients

Milk contains efficient cleansing and soothing component, and essential oils. V.I.F. Compound serves as the basis; this component accelerates metabolism in skin cells, fills with energy and prevents glycation of collagen and elastin. Sweet almond oil efficiently hydrates and prevents dryness and peeling of the skin. Jojoba oil soothes the skin and visibly improves the skin texture.


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