Highly efficient product against hyper pigmentation penetrates deep into the skin and effectively blocks melanin pigment synthesis. Serum is enriched with perfect hydrating component providing rapid regeneration and restoration of cells.

It is applied for removing the pigment spots on face, neck and neckline. Apply to the cleansed skin in the morning and evening. In the morning after the serum apply sun-blocking cream with high SPF-factor.


Pigment spots become less visible.

Active ingredients

The serum contains high concentration of toning and clarifying components. Unique V.I.F. Compound regulates  metabolism in skin cells, fills with energy and prevents glycation of collagen and elastin. Arctostaphylos extract blocks the existing process if melanin synthesis.  Vitamin C water soluble compound contained in the serum (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) is  powerful anti-oxidant; it effectively whitens the skin and makes it radiant. Licorice extract regulates water and mineral metabolism.

14.06.2018 17:00
я вывела пигментные пятна на плечах (после отпуска появились, агрессивное солнце было) осветляющей сывороткой Clarifying serum VIF. Они были не яркие, но заметно. Стали вообще еле еле видны, думаю еще помажу дак вообще наверно исчезнут
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