Special formula of the serum provides long-lasting hydrating effect, helps to eliminate tightness, dryness and peeling. By means of specially selected components, oils, vitamin complex and hyaluronic acid the skin receives deep hydration and nutrition. Cytolergy and skin compaction are improved. Pre-term aging signs are prevented.

It is suitable for dry and aging skin. Apply to the cleansed skin with light rubbing motions to the affected areas.


This serum provides intensive and long-lasting hydrating effect. The skin texture is improved, the skin becomes firm and velvety. Fine wrinkles are smoothed out.

Active ingredients

The hydrating serum contains active hydrating and nourishing components, and unique V.I.F. Compound, which accelerates metabolism in skin cells, fills with energy and prevents glycation of collagen and elastin. Allantoin in its formula protects against irritations, ensures cellular growth, and possesses healing effect. Vitamin A accelerates healing processes, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves quality of newly generated skin. Vitamin E participates in generation of collagen and elastic fiber of intercellular substance. Sweet almond oil intensively hydrates and prevents dryness and peeling of the skin. Argan oil protects the skin against oxidation process and maintains its main protective functions. The serum contains significant amount of hyaluronic acid – natural substance generated in connective tissue. It possesses unique effect to retain water molecules. Bisabolol in its formula possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antifungal effect. Chestnut extract enhances microcirculation in the skin, nourishes it and fills with biologically active elements. Centella extract stimulates regeneration processes and regulates water-salt and fat metabolism.

26.06.2018 18:52
Попробовала сыворотку с гиалуроновой кислотой. Очень приятная текстура, моментально увлажняет кожу. В жару использую без крема в качестве самостоятельного средства.
14.06.2018 17:19
Купила недавно новое творение косметологии - сыворотку с гиалуроновой кислотой фирмы VIF. ДА увлажняет! Шелушение кожи сократилось. Но вот цвет кожи остался прежний.
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