Our skin has its individual characteristics. Therefore, it can be difficult to pick up a finished cream, which must simultaneously address all the relevant tasks. But we've found the solution: V.I.F. Individual Cream La Personne! This innovative development is the result of the fruitful cooperation of French and Swiss cosmetologists.

The content of effective ingredients in La Personne collection is as high as possible, reaching 97%. We do not use aggressive preservatives because the cream is intended to be used immediately after manufacture.

Sign up for a free diagnostic with a LINLINE cosmetologist: ph: 8-800-500-67-43 

At the consultation, the cosmetologist will conduct a diagnostic with the most advanced equipment. Skin is evaluated by the following parameters: hydration, elasticity, pH-surfaces, pigmentation disorder, level of wrinkles on the WSRS* scale. The data received helps us to develop an individual prescription for your cream.


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