Due to high concentration of active ingredients, the serum efficiently regulates function of sebaceous glands, prevents inflammatory elements and ensures their rapid healing. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothing and regenerative effect. Natural oils improve function of local skin immunity and activate blood circulation.

It is suitable for blemished and oily skin. Apply to the cleansed skin. Pay special attention to the blemished areas.


The skin complexion becomes healthy and even. Process of sebum generation is regulated, comedos and other blemishes are eliminated, enlarged pores are narrowed and infiltrates discuss.

Active ingredients

The serum contains vitamins, plant extracts and active components regulating function of sebaceous glands. Unique V.I.F. Compound regulates metabolism in skin cells, fills with energy and prevents glycation of collagen and elastin. Azelaic acid contained in the serum prevents growth of bacteria and emerging of comedos, possesses antioxidant action. Iris extract possesses revitalizing anti-aging effect, it enhances skin hydration and elasticity, helps to fight wrinkle generation, dryness and weakening of the skin. Chamomile extract removes puffiness and irritation, it transforms face complexion. Arctium extract stimulates tissue regeneration and provides toning, antibacterial, anti-allergic effect. Salvia extract provides anti-inflammatory, astringent, disinfecting, soothing and strong antioxidant effect. The serum efficiently narrows the enlarged pores and removes redness.


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