The effect of the cream

An instant revitalizing cream makes the facial skin more elastic, lightens pigment spots, reduces peeling and swelling of the skin, strengthens capillaries, promotes rapid wound healing.

The main active ingredient of the cream is a natural extract of a rare mountain flower. Arnica is now grown as a medical plant and can be found very rarely in the wild nature. The extract delicately affects the surface layers of the skin and quickly heals damaged tissue, it also regulates melanin production, that’s why it’s recommended for hyperpigmentation. Vitamin K strengthens the walls of blood vessels and makes capillaries less pronounced.

Hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin with moisture. The unique V.I.F. Complexerèactif enhances the activity of the cells, accelerates tissue regeneration, helps to retain moisture. Regenerating cream promotes rapid skin recovery after laser treatments.


  • Lifting effect
  • Deep hydration
  • Lightening of pigmentation
  • Dark circles and capillaries become less visible
  • Rapid healing of wounds and cracks
05.07.2018 13:10
Купила так как хрупкие сосуды и после биоревитализации остаются синяки иногда, крем достаточно плотный, хорошо впитывается , не скатывается. Сразу нанесла после процедуры, синяков в этот раз не было, но вряд ли дело в креме)) Жду теперь синяков, чтобы проверить эффективность заживления. Ставлю четыре так как люблю более лёгкие крема.
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